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Apr 17
 Megan & Liz Project Mermaids Photo!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Features, Pictures

A photo from Megan & Liz’s Project Mermaids shoot has been released! Check it out in the gallery by clicking below! xo





Apr 01
 New Candids in the Gallery!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Pictures

The gallery has been updated with some fun, new candids of Megan and Liz! Click below to check them all out! xo



Apr 01
 Megan & Liz cover “Stay”
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Covers, Videos

The highly anticipated cover of Florida Georgia Line‘s Stay is here! Love this cover! Check it out below and be sure to share it everywhere!

Mar 18
 19 You + Me Cover by Megan and Liz!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Covers, Videos

Megan and Liz are back with a brand new cover of Dan and Shay’s debut single 19 You + Me! Check it out on YouTube now!

Mar 07
 “Talk Dirty” Cover!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Covers, Music, Videos

Check out the BRAND new cover from Megan & Liz! They covered the super fun song “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo!

Feb 26
 New Photoshoot Outtake
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Pictures

A new photo from an older photoshoot Megan and Liz did with the release of Release You! Check it out by clicking below to visit the gallery!




Feb 24
 Megan & Liz featured in J-14 and Twist Magazine this month!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Features, Interviews

Be sure to grab the latest issue of J14 and Twist Magazines to see your favorite twins! We of course have the full scan for you up in the gallery if you are unable to get a copy, be sure to check it out below! xo

twist1 twist2


Jan 31
 New Promo Photo + Nashville Scene Feature!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Features, Interviews, Pictures

Check out the new photo of Megan  & Liz added to the gallery by clicking below and be sure to read the article talking about their big move back to Nashville and why it’s the right move! :)


“We left Nashville because at the time, our music was leaning more in the pop direction, and everyone was kind of telling us L.A. is the place to go for pop,” Liz Mace says. “But as we stayed in L.A. we realized we’re way more songwriters and we’re super into that songwriting scene that Nashville has, that L.A. doesn’t really have.”

Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 27
 Megan & Liz at Pandora’s Grammy After Party!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Pictures

Check out photos in the gallery of Megan & Liz at Pandora’s Grammy After Party last night!

meganandlizpandora1 meganandlizpandora2


Jan 24
 All Alright LIVE at She Knows
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Music, Videos

Check out this live acoustic performance of All Alright at She Knows from back in December!


Jan 24
 Megan & Liz on Grace’s Faces
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Features, Videos

Megan & Liz are featured on Grace’s Faces this week and share some eyebrow tips!! Check it out below!


Jan 22
 Palisides shoot with Megan & Liz
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Pictures

Check out some preview shots of Megan & Liz from a photoshoot earlier this week! Lovely! xo

meganandlizp1 meganandlizp2


Jan 20
 New Megan Portraits!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Pictures

Check out some brand new portraits of Megan shot by KayKay Blaisdell! She looks lovely as always! (:

meganportrait1 meganportrait2


Jan 13
 New Liz Portraits!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Pictures

Check out some new portraits of Liz in the photo gallery, shot by the lovely KayKay Blaisdell!

liz liz2


Jan 06
 New Year’s Make Up Resolutions with Megan!
      //Posted By: Farah • Tags: Beauty, Videos

Check out this fun video Megan did in honor of the new year and experimenting with make up! She even shares some of her New Year’s Resolutions! Be on the look out for Liz’s video coming soon too!

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